A downloadable game for Windows

Cecil faces his greatest challenge yet...

This is just a quick and silly tech demo, based on the Final Fantasy dog meme

Something that I threw together for fun, 

in order to showcase Cherry's new picture-in-battle-feature
only available in the official version of rpgmaker2003. 

If you liked what you played and you're interested to see how I did this, be sure to check Final Fantasy vs. Dog's gamepage over on RMN, for more details. I'll be creating a very brief tutorial on how to bring in animated images into rpgmaker2003 in the next couple of weeks. (it's very easy!)

It's going to be really crazy to see what type of rpgmaker2003 games this new feature will bring! 

Thank You for Playing! ❤


Final Fantasy Dog (LBR)(RM2k3).rar 85 MB

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